Family-based youth ministry is about involving not just the nuclear family but the whole church family – from singles to older adults.  We believe that today’s older generation has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with today’s young people.  More importantly, it is about incorporating youth into the life of our church.

It is our mandate to equip parents with the tools necessary to truly become spiritual leaders in the home.  We seek to accomplish this task by offering classes that are pertinent to today’s families and their struggles.  We also plan activities and projects that involve the whole family, not simply the youth of our congregation.

We envision our young people developing a relationship with God and learning about spiritual maturity through the direct example of their parents and other caring adult Christians who are involved in this ministry.

The Game

This ministry is led by Jason Baker, our Youth & Family minister, in partnership will all the parents of our young people.  In addition, a Youth Council works with Jason to plan the year’s programs.

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