What will it be like to walk into our Sunday gathering?

We are a mixed group;

from blue hair to cooing.  God has made us in a variety of colors, shapes and genders.  We love that.  Some like to dress up when we gather and others are in jeans and a t-shirt.  As long as you are human you won’t stand out too much.    Yet, being we are a family, those you sit by may notice that you are a guest.  They may talk with you a little. 

We sing.

Sunday at 10AM we all come together in the Family Life Center.  We sing, led by a worship leader and backed by several people holding mics on the front row.  You will hear four-part harmony and find the words projected on the screen.  You will find it easy to sing along. 

We pray. 

Several times during our worship-gathering someone will lead us in prayer.  At times we may sit quietly and word our own prayers to God.  He hears. 

We share the Lord’s supper. 

That’s what we call it, or communion.  We remember our past and our future.  Jesus lovingly accepted the punishment for sin, ours, on the cross.  We remember that.  But, Jesus did not stay dead.  He rose from the dead with the new body which He promised to give each of us one day.  We remember that.  In the meantime, we are His body on earth; unified and doing His will.  We remember that. 

We listen to a word from the Word. 

At some point someone will get up to guide our minds in God’s will for us today.  Usually that person is our preaching minister, Kent Jobe.  The Bible will be quoted and read and expounded on.  We will be asked if we need help in our Christian journey.  There will be an opportunity to ask for prayers or help. 

We take an offering. 

The most fun is to watch our kids come up to bring their offering.  It happens just before they go back to their own worship-gathering.  All the money they give is donated to a children’s home in northern Arkansas.  We adults pass a plate around that our members will use to collect moneys for God’s Kingdom.  You don’t have to put anything in it. 

Sometimes we greet each other during the worship-gathering time. 

I know that can be awkward, but we like each other and find joy in greeting while recognizing our special presence with the Lord.  It reflects a little of the fun we will have when all things are made new. 

These things take about an hour to do, sometimes a little more. 

If you hang out a little after we are done, that would be great.  Check the Welcome Center, that octagonal thingy in the middle behind all the seats.  There is a welcome bag we would like you to have which will give you more information on who we are and what we do. 

We hope to see you soon.