In order to better serve our children Jonathan Holland "Coach" has created a few ways to reach our children from the safety of your home.


Howdy, y'all! (I am a Texan after all.)
Here is the decision I have come to regarding how/what to provide for you to guide your kids on their spiritual walk as we continue to navigate uncharted waters.
  • I will post a YouTube video on Wednesdays. It will continue to be based on the Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids.
  • I will also provide an age appropriate (more or less) activity that will coincide with Sunday's sermons. I will try to have this ready the Tuesday prior so it can go in the mail for those who prefer it to be snail-mailed. These will be provided as .pdf files on Facebook and via email. It is my goal to learn how to make a fill-in pdf that can be completed online, giving you the choice of methods if you choose to use this resource. This week's are only available as downloads from this email or a Facebook message posted today.
  • I will attempt to Zoom with the 4th-6th graders on Thursdays at 6:00 and the 3rd grade and younger at 6:45. I plan to keep these at half an hour and fifteen minutes, respectively.
  • No more Kahoots! unless I do one as a live challenge for something specific. 
If you would prefer to receive the Sermon Sheet via postal service, please send me an email ( or text (469.662.3861) and I will get things in the mail.
Blessings, missing the kids, love,


been making videos and quizzes to help teach our children. The videos are available on YouTube and the quizzes are available on Kahoot! The current videos are:

1. Creation: 
Kahoot! PIN - 04694064 
2. Adam and Eve: 
Kahoot! PIN - 06425937
3. What Is Sin:
Kahoots! PIN - 08965286 
4. Noah and the Flood:
Kahoots! PIN - 06991940
5. The Tower of Babel:
Kahoots! PIN - 011823
6. God Calls Abram:
Kahoots! PIN - 0526185
7. Abraham's Family:
Kahoots! PIN - 05404230
8. Easter Special:
Kahoots! PIN - 02888451
9. Joseph:
Kahoots! PIN - 08486894
10. Moses Is Born:
Kahoots! PIN - 03160907
11. The Burning Bush:
Kahoots! Pin- 02671841

Activity Packets

Coach has also sent out activity packets through the mail. If you have not received an activity packet please contact him by calling (870) 862-1552 and he will gladly mail you one.

Zoom Meetings and Weekly Challenges

Once a week Coach corrals the kids to spend time with them on Zoom and give them a weekly challenge. This week is: