Giving at College Avenue Church

By far, the most important cause in all the world, ever, is the Kingdom of God.  There is nothing that even comes close in world-blessing impact.  The church at College Avenue seeks to partner with God in living the Kingdom NOW, and thus impacting the world far and near.  God works in and through us in financing His work.  All finances are His, so we are simply giving back what He has already blessed us with.  There are many ways to give to the Kingdom, included in them are three ways to give financially through the church.

College Avenue Church is a registered non-profit organization that exists because of individual donors like you. We have three ways for you to make your tax-deductible gifts to College Avenue Church:

Bring your gift to our Sunday gathering at 10:00am where you can place it in an offering plate as it passes.

Use our secure payment system,  to give with a debt card or bank transfer. Set up recurring giving or make a one-time gift.

 Send your gift to:
 1817 N. College Avenue
 El Dorado, AR 71730

All the money given is used in service to God.  Some goes to the maintenance of the building in which we meet.  Some provides a livelihood for those on staff that they can spend their time blessing others.  Some blesses the less fortunate in our area and beyond.  Some pays for all that it takes to do what we do; office, supplies…  Some supports works of love in the USA and on several continents. 

We make our budget available to anyone who wants one that you can follow the spending the church does. 

Along with the regularly collected money we hold special collections as needs arise.  We also give as individuals to those around us.  One cannot be filled with the Spirit of God and not be a giving person.  Giving is a basic part of God’s nature.  He is Love (1Jn. 4:8) and thus blesses the good and bad with sunshine and rain.  His love moved Him to send Jesus to save us from our old life and establish a new way of living, one that includes giving.