Sunday Morning Adult Bible Classes

We strongly believe that God has revealed His desired will through the Bible.  We believe the Bible is the complete word of God and thus Bible study is very important to us.  That is not to say it is dusty dictation of what to believe or how to behave.  We enjoy lively discussion and not a little laughter.  We have Bible classes for all ages, check them out here.  Check our our Children Bible classes here.

Our adult classes are loosely broken up by age or life situation.  You will feel welcome in any but here is a list that you can find your niche faster. 

> 15%rs – This is a group of young adults often called Millennials.  Being less than 15% of this age group is engaged in a community of faith, this class seeks to be more than a statistic.  This class is generally involved in many activities, and they study together on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.

Foundation/ Taxi parents – This covers early marriage on through when your children graduate from high school.  It is a crazy time of learning how to get along as a couple, as a family and as good taxi drivers.  It is also a time where your faith is tested and sometimes you need a shoulder to cry on.

Free at Last – This group is  just that; free at last.  Their children are leaving the “nest” and things are slowing a little.  There is time to wonder and wander.  For many of us, this is the time to really get into our faith; put it to work.  New activities come into play.  It is a fun time.

Cross Talk – This is a lively group of those whose children are established and they find themselves with some free-time.  Discussion in this class is spirited and Spirit-filled. 

Heroes of Faith – Although they would not say this, these are generally the more mature folks.  Many are retired and are enjoying their children’s children.  They cherish lasting relationships and drinking deeply of God’s Word.

Single Moms – Life does not always go according to our plans.  When if jumps the track, we are left putting things together.  Single moms, who we consider bionic, need extra support and encouragement.  They need a break from their kids and have a little “adult talk.”  This class is that opportunity. 

If you have not found a place you think you will fit, come anyway.  Check us out.  You will be surprised.  Just come in any door before 9AM Sunday and someone will help you find your way.