We are always seeking to draw closer to God.  We can all use help with this as well.  Here are a few links to sites that will help you to be a more fit disciple of Jesus.


www.multiplymovement.com  - Disciples make disciples who make disciples.  Sharpen your skills in this process.

www.Biblex.com – Free, easy to use Bible study tool.  This will help you to get to know God’s Word.

www.Bible.com – A simply, ad-free Bible app for your phone or tablet.  Reading plans, commentaries, verse-of-the-day, many translations and languages.

www.Soulcare.com – “Soul Care is all about living from a place of overflow; learning to stop occasionally for conversation, the chance to read, to rest, to open up to God's presence, guidance, and--ultimately--love. Soul Care is all about bravely living into the destiny that God has for you. In His power, under His direction, and in His way.”  From their website.

www.Anthology.study – Free Bible studies for life and faith. 

It would be unrealistic to agree with everything found on another’s site.  Such as it is, these are generally good sites that will send you in a direction toward God.