Bible Class for all ages

All classes are currently online.

Sundays 9:00 am

here is a Bible class for you.  Whether you are a child or a senior citizen, or anywhere in between, you will find a class that fits you here.  When you come in just ask anyone and they will direct you or take you to an age appropriate class. 

New Adult Bible Classes!

On Sunday Mornings we are currently providing one combined class. We are going through the book "The Cure: What if God is not who you thought He was, and neither are you" by John S. Lynch, Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol. The book deals with two different heart's desires for following God; to please God or to trust God.  One results in a religion that is untenable while the other results in freedom and the cure for sin and unrighteousness in your life.  This class guides and encourages one to freedom and life. Join us online!

Bible Class

Weekly Worship Gathering

Sundays 10:00 am

Our assembly is a mix of singing, praying, biblical teaching and remembering the amazing sacrifice of our Lord Jesus.  You will like it.  We always have a mix of contemporary and traditional songs.  Our minister teaches practical lessons straight from the Bible.  You will not be pointed out or embarrased in any way.   Many Sundays, during the sermon, we have a children's service called Backyard Bible Club (BBC).  There are instructions given at every service on when the kids head to the club.  We really hope you will join us online!


Sunday Evening Worship

Through the school year we meet in small groups called Home Groups on Sunday afternoons and evenings.   You can find one that fits you by calling the church office at 870-862-1552.  If you make it Sunday morning you can pick up a brochure at the Welcome Center with each group listed. 

During the summer we gather on Sundays at 6:00 pm for what we call "2/42".  The name comes from the Acts 2:42 where the church was devoted to the apostles' teaching, fellowship, the breaking of bread, and prayer.  So we spend a short time singing and praying.  Then we have a speaker for a short message.  After that we spend time together with a simple meal.  It is a great time!  Come join us.