2018 Camp Kurios Sessions

Kids' Camp

Junior Week

Senior Week


June 1-3, 2018 June 3-8, 2018 June 10-16, 2018

Grade Level
by June 1, 2018 

 Finished 1st, 2nd, or 3rd  Finished 4th - 7th Finished 8th - 12th


Friday, 4-5 PM Sunday, 2-4 PM Sunday, 2-4 PM


Sunday, 12 PM Friday, 1 PM Saturday, 10 AM

 Rate per Camper 

($70 early bird rate*)
($190 early bird rate*) 
($220 early bird rate*)


* Those who submit their applications and deposits by May 17 (must be postmarked by May 17 if mailing) will receive the early bird rates listed above.  
If you have not checked the camp information page, check it out here

Camper Information

Enter the camper's preferred name/nickname for name tag

No more than 1 request. Must be same grade level. Application & deposit must be received by May 17. We will do our best to accommodate camper roommate requests, but this is not guaranteed.

Parent/Guardian Information

Use this format: 111-222-3333. Cell phone preferred.

Use this format: 111-222-3333. Cell phone preferred.

Additional Emergency Contacts

In the event that we are unable to reach the parent(s)/guardian(s) listed above, please provide additional emergency contacts below.

(i.e., grandfather, step-mother, aunt, etc.)

Use this format: 111-222-3333

(i.e., grandfather, step-mother, aunt, etc.)

Use this format: 111-222-3333

Medical and Insurance Information

A licensed nurse is onsite 24/7 for campers. ALL medications MUST be given to the nurse upon arrival & must be in their original containers. The nurse has Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc. available.

Specify any foods, medicine, insects, etc. your child is allergic to and appropriate treatment in the event of exposure.

List the name of all medication(s) the camper will need to take while at camp and include dosage instructions.

The Camp Kurios insurance policy is excess coverage to pay for only what your family policy does not cover.

Terms of Acceptance and Signature

Review the agreement and release language below for Camp Kurios and Beech Springs, checking each box that you acknowledge and agree.

Please type your first and last name.