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Sunday Morning Bible Class 9:00 AM
Sunday Worship Service 10:00 AM
Sunday Night 6:00 PM
Wednesday Midweek Service 6:00 PM

Sunday Morning Clases

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CROSS TALK - Room 308
Life Focus - Once your children are grown and have established families of their own, you are relieved of the responsibility and stresses of being a parent and are freed to focus more on Christian ministries. The "Cross Talk" class is a spirited and caring group of praying Christians dedicated to active discussions of Bible texts.
Shepherd Bruce Simpson

Life Focus - The first years of marriage are a crucial period in life because it is the time when couples are laying the foundation for their marriage and family. We recognize there has never been a time when it has been more important to provide resources to strengthen and encourage young families. That is why we are providing this class specifically for young couples who are in the early years of their relationship. It will include newlyweds, those with no children, and parents with small children.
Shepherd Bret Garrett

FREE AT LAST - Room 302
Life Focus - Adjusting to an "empty nest" provides the opportunity to build a "full life"! This period of life, after your children are on their own but before you take on the responsibilities of being a full-time grandparent, can bring a fresh burst of energy as you try on new activities and redefine yourself. If that describes you, you'll find good company in this class.
Shepherd David Ponder

Life Focus - With maturity comes the wisdom to discern and appreciate the truly important values of life. Once you've escaped the rat race of work, and are enjoying the fruits of retirement, you are ready to enjoy the good company of your peers and cherish lasting friendships. If that describes you, check out our "Heroes of Faith" class! It is so called because the Bible tells us that those who have demonstrated a lifetime of faithfulness are examples to the rest of their brothers and sisters (Hebrews 11; James 5:17): they are truly "Heroes of Faith"!
Shepherd Jim Welch

Life Focus - Have church assemblies ever seemed to you like Noah's Ark, with everyone entering "two by two"? Individuals who walk into a worship service by themselves appreciate the warm welcome of an invitation of a friend to "come sit by me." Those who choose this class, however, will quickly realize that while they may arrive solo, they are certainly not alone once they get here. Whether you are never married or single gain; whether you have a spouse who remains at home on Sunday mornings or you are now widowed; if you are over 35 and you are "Single on Sunday" for any reason, you will find this class inviting.
Shepherd David Hogg

TAXI PARENTS - Room annex
Life Focus - Once our children enter grade school our lives seem to revolve around their activities, as we suddenly find ourselves "taxi drivers," first through twelfth grades, and you are on the exhausting and exhilarating merry-go-round of extracurricular activities, then you'll find kindred souls in this class.
Shepherd Allen White

Life Focus - This one-week orientation class is held once a quarter, and is led by Gary Schloemer and our shepherds. It is designed expressly for our new members and those looking to place membership, and provides an overview of all the things that they need to know in order to take full advantages of all the resources for spiritual growth that are offered here at College Avenue. All new members are asked to go through this class upon placing membership.